Management – Career Education Opportunities

Career opportunities in the filed of management are available to those who have the necessary education and training. Managers are found in every area of business and are necessary to help them run smoothly. With an accredited education in management students can train for the career of their dreams in the field.

Students can choose from a number of career areas to specialize in when pursuing a career in management. These areas include:

  • Applied Management
  • Leadership
  • Health Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Project Management

The specific area of specialization will depend on the school of enrollment and level of degree desired by each individual student. Degrees are available at an associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorates level.

Associate degree training typically takes students around two years to complete through an accredited school or college. An associate level degree in management will allow students to study a variety of topics including:

  • Marketing
  • Business Communication
  • Internet Programming
  • Management Principles
  • Financial Math

Degree training at an associate’s degree level allows students to pursue a variety of careers such as:

  • Operations Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Project Manager

With an accredited degree at this level students will gain the skills needed to start working or further their education with a bachelor’s degree.

Students can train for a bachelor’s degree in the field with an accredited educational program, in as little as four years. Study will cover a variety of related topics that may include:

  • Business Law
  • Spreadsheets
  • Purchasing
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership

With an accredited bachelors degree in the field students can find employment working as:

  • Purchasing Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Human Resource Directors

Bachelor’s degree training can open a world of career opportunities for students to enter into. Students can also enroll in a master’s degree training program.

Study at a master’s or doctorates degree level is available through a number of accredited schools and colleges with an additional two to four years of training. Coursework at theses levels will vary depending on the specialty and degree chosen but may consist of:

  • Management Theory
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Technology
  • Merchandising

At a masters or doctorates degree level students can obtain the knowledge needed to enter into careers such as:

  • Management Analyst
  • Team Manager
  • College Professor
  • Financial Director
  • Retail Store Owner
  • Senior Administrator

Students with a masters or doctorates degree will find a number of exciting career possibilities available to them.

Accredited educational programs allow students to train for the career of their dreams while obtaining new skills and knowledge. Continuing education courses are available for a number of careers in the field of management. These programs allow students to enhance their career by learning new techniques and skills. Students can learn more about the degree and career of their choice by researching and contacting various higher education programs. Start the path to a new career by enrolling in a management program today.

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Community Association Management

Community association management companies specialize in managing small to large community associations. This would include communities that have home owner’s or property owner’s association. Community association management companies work side by side with the homeowner association in performing all the tasks necessary to have the community running smoothly and within budget. A management company will typically perform annual budget reviews, coordinate all common area maintenance and upkeep, facilitate homeowner’s board meetings, collect association dues, and make sure all residents are within compliance with the CC & R’s of the community. This can be a very demanding job and should only be perform by companies with the experience and expertise to take on these types of properties.

Community association management is becoming an increasingly more challenging and highly competitive field. With per capita population growing in the mid-size to large cities in America, millions of new condominium and residential housing units and developments are being built to accommodate this growth. So why not outsource your community property needs to the experts? The level of professionalism and need for technology your property management company should deliver makes selecting the best more complicated than simply choosing a name and address from the phone book.

Some duties of a Community Association Management team

Usually hired by a volunteer board of directors of the association, they administer the daily affairs, and oversee the maintenance of property and facilities that the homeowners own and use jointly through the association. The management team will prepare financial statements and budgets for the community as a whole. They interact with homeowners and tenants on a daily basis, and can help resolve complaints amongst resident. Collecting association dues or assessment payment from property owners is a common duty of a management company. They will also assist the board of directors in making sure everyone within the community is in compliance with association and government rules and regulations.

In addition to administering the associations financial records and budget, the management companies may be responsible for hiring and coordination of contractors for any major renovation or repair to exterior buildings and common structures. This could include maintenance of community pools, golf courses, community centers, and for the maintenance of landscaping, street lighting, snow removal and parking areas. These types of property management companies also may meet with the elected boards of directors to discuss and resolve legal issues or disputes that may affect the owners, as well as to review any proposed changes or improvements by homeowners to their properties, making sure that they comply with community guidelines.

Things to look for in a community association management company:

  • Proven track record of managing planned community properties
  • Years in the business could show reliability and a proven track record
  • This is a very specialize facet of property management and requires specific qualifications and training
  • Is their current portfolios within budget and running smoothly, or are there major issues such as financial problems or rundown communities under their management
  • Accurate bookkeeping and records
  • Timely response in dealing with issues that may arise
  • Enforcement of Covenant, condition and restrictions (CC and R’s) for the community they manage
  • Enforcement of HOA dues collection

These are just a few important criteria’s to gage the success of a community association management company. A thriving planned community will be in harmony, beautifully aesthetic and an asset to all that live there as well as for the surrounding neighborhoods.